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We deliver where Tools fail

Often times Automated Language Conversion Tools fail due to incorrect and incomplete parsing of the source code or due to lack of capability to spit code in the Target Language and or framework. Arcon Technology Solutions provide Manual Code Conversion services to its Partner Companies and its direct customers. Manual Code Conversion is recommended in cases where Cost and Time factors are overruled by Quality and Efficiency considerations.

Challenges on the Source Side

  • Tool does not handle all Dialects of the Programming Language of the Source Code. For example, COBOL/370, VSCOBOL, MFCOBOL, RMCOBOL, ACUCOBOL, LIANT COBOL have subtle differences in Syntax that Tool will not be able to handle.
  • Tools do not convert Code written in Assembly Language and Utility languages like Easytrieve, REXX etc.

Challenges on the Target Side

  • Tools can generate code in Target Languages like Java. However, Tools do not generate framework Code like Spring Boot.
  • Tools cannot generate Architecture and Design Pattern compliant Code.
  • Manual Refactoring effort increases as Tool produces unstructured code that does not conform to Programming standards and design principles.

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